Video Analysis – Best Way to Improve Your Surfing

First time i saw myself on film, I was horrified. Until you see yourself on video its impossible to really know what you look like, or even more important what you might be doing wrong. If someone is serious about improving their surfing, video analysis is a must.

Here are a few things i immediately saw myself doing wrong the first time i saw myself surfing.

1. Too narrow stance

2. Standing a little too tall

3. Not lifting  my leading arm enough when generating speed

4. Tucking my right arm in too much when doing top turns

5. Doing cutbacks too far out on the wave shoulder.

This was just at first glance. The crazy thing is i had no idea about most of these things.

So, to learn from my mistakes, I made it a point to incorporate ongoing Video sessions with our Team Shaka Riders followed by sit down review sessions.

Here is a our very first video analysis session with the hep of Martin Reynolds giving our surf grommets some advice. Martin is an ISA certified judge, and in this video he explains some of the advantages of utilizing video analysis.

Since then we have been filming and reviewing almost every month for the past 2 years. Video analysis needs to be an ongoing thing while incorporating drills and dry land simulations to force breaking bad habits. The fact is the longer you perform bad habits the harder it is to change

Getting Surfing Video Analysis Is Easy Today

I wish when i was younger I had access to the things available today. Surely i could have fixed many of my bad surfing quirks before they became so ingrained as life long habits.

The good news is anyone can use video analysis to improve their surfing these days, thanks to the internet and very affordable camcorders. No longer do you need to find a specialized surf coach and pay a ton of money. Just type in a Google search “Surfing Video Analysis” and you will find online surf coaching services that allow you to send in your video footage and recieve coaching via email & Youtube.

Here is a little about online surfing video analysis by one of my favorite surf coaches Martin Dunn.

Video Analysis Prerequisite

Although video analysis is one of the best methods to improve surfing, i advise new surfers that it is not really that necessary until they move  into the intermediate levels.

When you start surfing it should be fun and natural. In the beginning stages Its great to watch tutorials, hire surf instructors or even join a learn to surf community. If you decide you have passion for surfing and start to plateau, then dive into video analysis.

Free Video Analysis

Of course if you join the surf coaches online improve your surfing membership we gladly review and give advise on any surfing videos submitted in our private forum

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