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How Can I Surf Better When I Can’t Go Surfing


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This is probably the most asked question I get in our YouTube Channel, or as a surf instructor in general.  Most people can’t be at the beach everyday to surf.  In fact, I would guess that 90% of the surfing population only gets to surf a few times a week at best.  Whether you can’t go surfing because of work, school, being landlocked etc.. Here are a few ways to not only train for surfing, but to do it easily and have fun with it!

Practice Surfing On Your SkateBoard

Always Make Sure You Are Practicing With A Purpose

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get your hands on an expensive skateboard made for surfing.  Get creative!  And practice with purpose!  There are some great fundamentals you can work on with any skateboard.



Don’t Forget – Training To Surf Should Be Just As Fun As Surfing

Sure, I want to surf better, but the chances of getting me in a gym are slim to none.  I would much rather go skateboard a few hours a week, spend time on my indo board in front of my TV watching Sunday Football (I do that one a lot) or watching a surf movie and simulating the moves in front of my TV, which by the way, will definitely get you funny looks from your girlfriend or roommates!


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