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How To Paddle A Surfboard Better

Here at Shaka Surf Camp we deal with complete beginners every week. Guess what skill or part of surfing is the most challenging for brand new surfers? Yep, Paddling. Surprisingly it doesn’t occur to the majority of first time surfers arriving for their one week learn to surf vacation. Almost no-one thinks to prepare.

Just a little physical preparation will make a learn to surf experience a lot more fun and successful, but first you need to learn correct paddling technique.

Enter Surf Paddling

You Need to Paddle to Catch waves

Surfing starts with the paddle. If you can’t paddle effectively you won’t catch many or any waves, and if your paddle is out of shape you won’t last very long.

The Good News is, if you learn to paddle properly and efficiently you can catch a lot more waves and last a lot longer without getting tired and most importantly prevent shoulder injuries. Here is a list of things you need to get right in order to develop a solid paddle.

  • Body angle position
  • Position on board
  • Extension and range of motion
  • Sufficient Depth PENETRATION
  • Proper arm, forearm and hand position
  • Timing & acceleration

Surfing Paddling Tutorial

This is my first Improve Your Paddling Video Tutorial I made. I had no idea it would be so popular on Youtube. At the time of this Blog post the video had 89,116 views on YouTube. I have receive countless emails from new surfers thanking me for the help this video provided them.

Make sure to make the extra effort to develop an awesome paddle, it will reward you for your entire surfing career. A better paddle means a higher wave count, which means more time one your feet, which means improving faster.

Surf Paddling in Water Demonstration

In this paddle guide Surf Coach Brent demonstrate how beginners can quickly improve their wave catching by apply the 5 main points we covered in the first paddling instructional video.

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