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For years, it was thought that you had to be “born” with surfing talent. But that’s simply not true.
At Surf Coaches, we can help virtually ANYONE learn to surf better — even if you’re a complete beginner.
Our online training videos (and other resources) will flatten your learning curve, accelerate your progress, and teach you about every aspect of surfing.
Best of all… for less than the price of a SINGLE private surf lesson, you can join Surf Coaches and get an ENTIRE YEAR of expert instruction…

Dear Beginning Surfer,

Surf Coaches is the #1 online community for people who want to improve their surfing.

It’s perfect for beginning & intermediate surfers who want to take their surfing to a new level.

Maybe you’ve never surfed before or have surfed very little. Or, perhaps you’ve been surfing for some time, but have plateaued at the beginner or intermediate phase.

In any case, we can help. All you have to do is watch our online training videos — follow the steps outlined — and you’ll learn how to improve your surfing more quickly than you may have imagined.

Our tutorials are thorough, in-depth, and easy to grasp. They’re also UNIQUE because we utilize several different styles of video.

These include:

* Classroom “whiteboard” instruction

* Dry land simulations

* And, actual surfing footage

I'm Ready To Boost My Skills

One Year Access To All Our Surf Training Videos
People definitely learn faster with Surf Coaches training. That’s because we’re passionate about surfing and constantly work to improve our training system.
Our methods WORK… and our students have given us nothing but positive feedback on the quality of our instruction and how we deliver the information.
Our course covers a wide variety of surfing-related topics… all in one place. In fact, our training is more detailed than any other course available.

Our video-based training is a GREAT way to learn.
It lets you see how it’s done — while your instructor explains every detail — and then REPLAY it as many times as necessary until you get the move down.
And, with a Surf Coaches membership, you can learn the fundamentals of surfing ANYWHERE.
Let’s say you’re going on vacation to a beach resort. And maybe you’d like to try your hand at surfing while you’re there. If so, we can get you up to speed… even if you live in Alaska!
The thing is… we’ve got our surf training down to a science. As a result, our students develop minimal bad habits. So they get out onto the water and have MORE FUN… faster. And we can help you, too.
 The Surf Coaches training system lets you progress at your own pace and is incredibly affordable. Plus… we guarantee your complete satisfaction.
So join us… you deserve to have some FUN!

Why We Love Surfing

Hi, Surf Coach Chris Mo’e here…

I still remember the first open face wave I ever caught, and thinking WOW i’m walking on water.

Then — while standing completely relaxed — the wave just lined up perfectly.

Suddenly, everything went quiet and the feeling engulfed me. It was maybe a 10 second ride  but it felt like an eternity… in slow motion.

A ride like that becomes etched in your brain… you’ll NEVER forget it. And — at that instant — you’ll be hooked on surfing FOREVER.

I love surfing because it’s addictive and challenging. But it’s not just about surfing… it’s also about being in the water and elements.

Surfing is a sport, hobby, exercise, meditation, therapy, escape, and nature… all rolled into one.

Surfing gives you a feeling of confidence, freedom, and accomplishment. It’s just you… your board… and the wave.

There’s something about it that pulls you back in… day after day.

We founded Surf Coaches to help people everywhere improve their surfing… while also having more FUN.

We also run the “iSurfTrie” Team. We coach 5 kids and travel with them while competing on the national tour and at local events. Competing helps keep us fully engaged in the surfing scene. And having a team helps motivate us to continually improve our skills.

We have been surfing our entire life. We also have over 10 years experience as instructors and are ISA Surf Coach Certified.

Common Surfing Errors

Are YOU Making These Mistakes?

If you’re a beginner, it’s easy to get frustrated… and give up. You may think that surfing is too hard or you’re just not good enough.

But that isn’t true. You just need proper training.

When you join Surf Coaches, you’ll be able to take advantage of over a decade of surfing knowledge and teaching experience.


This is the kind of training we wish was available when we started!

You see… without proper instruction you’re likely to progress VERY slowly.


It’s often said that “Practice Makes Perfect.” But that’s wrong. More accurately, “PERFECT Practice MAKES Perfect.”


If you don’t get the fundamentals down, you’ll just get real good at doing things THE WRONG WAY.

If you’re a beginner… you’re almost certain to be making mistakes that will hold your progress back.

For example…

1) You might be using the wrong board (most likely one that’s too small to learn on).

2) You probably tend to pick the wrong waves (or catch them in a poor place). If you do that, you won’t be in an optimal situation to learn. As a result, you’ll tend to have a bad surf experience… one that can crush your enthusiasm.

3) Some beginners think SURFING looks easy. So they either take a lesson from an unqualified instructor or don’t take any lessons at all. Either way, it will DRAMATICALLY slow down your progress.

4) And almost all beginners paddle and pop up improperly.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


You also need to understand:

* Proper safety

* Board management

* Body mechanics

* And surfing etiquette

These elements are ESSENTIAL.

When you join Surf Coaches, we’ll train you in all aspects of surfing… so you can get started on the right foot. You’ll be able to take advantage of our expert knowledge and vast experience.


The thing is… surfing is a lot more fun when you’re GOOD AT IT. And, right now, you’re missing out on all the fun!

Don’t do that. Join Surf Coaches.

#1 Online Surf Training Resource

Here's What You Get When You Join...

=> Beginner’s Section: Takes you from never having stepped into the ocean with a board to being able to safely and effectively catch waves and control your surfboard.

=> Intermediate Section: Takes you from catching small waves to being able to paddle out, catch unbroken waves, and begin completing maneuvers on the open face of the wave.

=> Advanced Section: Teaches you complex maneuvers.

=> Longboard Section: This section is specifically for intermediate (or better) surfers who prefer riding larger surfboards.

=> Simulation & Drills: Shows how to practice your surfing skills when time in the water isn’t an option.

=> Surf Notes Blog Access: Provides exclusive access to the surf notes blog. Surf tips, thoughts, and spur of the moment videos covering members questions. Tons of hidden gems. 


BONUS All the videos in this package can be played on your browser or downloaded to your computer to keep forever

A-Z Surf Training

Access To EVerything
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Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED.

We know you’ll enjoy — and benefit from — your Surf Coaches training. The feedback we’ve received from our students has been amazing.

In fact, we’re so confident in our training methods that we offer a full 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If, at any time during the first 30 days of membership, you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money… with NO catches, NO nonsense, and NO fine print.

Either you’re happy or you get a refund. Period.

This is a NO-RISK offer. You simply can’t lose. So join Surf Coaches and let us help you improve YOUR surfing.

Your membership includes:

*  Beginner’s Videos

*  Intermediate Videos

* Advanced Videos

* Simulation & Drills Videos

* Surf Notoes Member’s Blog Access

In short, EVERYTHING you need to rapidly improve your surfing skills!


For about the price of one dinner for 2, you can join Surf Coaches for a Year and we’ll help you bypass the frustration that beginners frequently encounter.


So ask yourself this question…

What is learning to surf worth to you?


Let me put it another way…

Are you willing to skip one dinner out to access expert instruction that can massively reduce your learning curve and improve your surf skills?


You’ve got a choice to make…

You can continue to struggle or you can join Surf Coaches and get on the FAST TRACK.


Again, as a member you’ll have ACCESS TO EVERYTHING:

Right now, you’re missing out on all the FUN! So join us inside the private Surf Coaches member’s area… and learn to surf BETTER.


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Surf Coaches Online Training

Yours For Better Surfing,

Chris & Atua


P.S. If you want to learn to surf, joining Surf Coaches is the best move you can make. Brent and I both learned to surf the hard way — without any real advice or instruction — but you don’t have to! Join Now!


P.P.S. We’re so sure you’ll love our training that we GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction. This is a NO-RISK offer. So Get Started Now!


P.P.P.S. We’ve been surf instructors for many years and have surfed most of our lives. That’s because surfing is FUN — and you’re missing out on it. Don’t do that! Join Surf Coaches & We’ll Train You!


P.P.P.P.S. Think you can’t learn to surf? The youngest kid on our surf team is an 8 year-old girl. If she can surf, so can YOU. It’s just a matter of learning the proper techniques. Join Surf Coaches & Let Us PROVE IT TO YOU!