Little Surfer Girl – Future Professional Surfer

Introducing our youngest team rider Ki’ili. Our little super star surfer. Yes i admit i am partial cause she is my daughter.

I decided to create this blog post so i could collect any YouTube videos we create of our little surfer girl and put them in one place. As we create more videos i will add them here over time.

Ki’ili has surprised everyone with the quickness that she picked up surfing and how comfortable she is in big waves at such a young age. when i say big i mean upto head and half on an adult, easily over double overhead for her.

When i started teaching Ki’ili how to surf, I thought she would just stay in the white water until she was about 10 then i figured i would take her out the back on really small days.

Boy was i wrong.

Kids Learn Surfing Fast

At the age of 7 Ki’ili said daddy I’m tired of the white water i want to go out the back with you. I said ok i will take you out on a small 1-2 foot day and see how you do. 3 weeks later she was surfing waist to shoulder high and duck diving.

At age 8 she entered her first contest, 8 months later she was making finals and ranked in the top ten on the national Costa Rica tour 12 and under mini-grommets girls.

Now at age 9 she is my surf buddy and can paddle out the back completely unaided and surf 95% of the waves at our local break. Only on the big swells do i make her sit out. She is starting to do floaters, top turns and even got her first in and out barrel just the other day.

She seems to surpass every bar that we set much earlier then expected.

 Our Little Girl Surfing Videos

Here is the first Video we made of her at age 7. She had only been surfing out the back for a couple of weeks when we made this.

We made this video with surfing clips during her year 8 and edited it for her 9th birthday. You can see the progression in size of waves in one year.

Check back as we will add future videos.

Female Pro Surfer Soon?

Will Ki’ili become a girl pro surfer? It doesn’t really matter to me. All that matters to me is that she really enjoys doing it and that she is going to be really good at surfing or whatever she decides to do.

See How I Taught Her To Get Good At Surfing Fast

OK, So Ki’ili had a good head start since her parents own a surf camp and her dad is a surf instructor. Well, you can learn the same steps to surfing that Ki’ili went through with our FREE improve surfing video course. Just put your email in the box below and get INSTANT ACCESS to the same training that helped turn a 7 year girl into a great little surfer


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