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Indoboard Basics for Surfers – Surf Balance

Surf Training ExerciesOne of the most common questions we get on our Channel and Surf Coaches Membership is, “what kind of exercises or training can i do when i can’t surf?” Or  better yet, “what kind of surf simulation training can i do on dry land to improve my in water surfing?”

There are quite a few surf simulation exercises that can be done, but today we will focus on one of the most popular tools used by many board sport enthusiasts. Enter the Indo-Board.

Indo Board Surfer Applications

An Indo-Board is simply a balance trainer that has gained a lot of attention and respect amongst surfers and other board sports. Here are some reasons why the Indo-board can greatly help surfers specifically:

  1. Strengthens legs to help create more power in your surfing
  2. Improve over all balance
  3. Utilizes, stretches and strengthens the synergistic muscles which in turn helps prevent injuries.
  4. Strengthens the core
  5. you can practice surfing simulation movements & surfing visualization
  6. Perfect for home workouts with limited space
  7. Super durable so they last for many many years
  8. Simply a lot of fun

Indo Board Basic Exercises

Here is one of our very first YouTube videos with Brent demonstrating some basic surf exercises on the Indo Board. We still have the same Indo-board in circulation here at Shaka Surf Camp and play with it almost every day. The only thing is we have to hide it from new guests until we can demonstrate how to balance on it safely. We have had a number of first-timers jump on without thinking and then end upside down in a flash.

One of my favorite ways to use the Indo-board is to hop on, warm up with some basic movements for about 5 minutes, then watch surf movies simultaneously while i’m balancing and simulating surfing. I then just let my body get creative and move around trying to find positions that feel off balance and really focus there.

Indo-Board Surf Specific Training

Here is another Youtube Video Surf Coach Brent created showing examples of a little more surf specific movements. You can practice these and create a 20-30 minute workout to perform 3-4 times per week.

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