Surf Team Training – Team Shaka

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Hey just wanted to share our most recent surf training youtube video with an update. We started our Shaka Surf Team a little over a month ago and have been training them every Friday and Saturday doing yoga, dry land simulations as well as video analysis. Special Surf Training Workout Also we have been working on putting together a very … Read More

Great Article on Surf Forecasting

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Here’s a great article from Surfline  on seasonal swells! Dylan O’Brien asks: Why are waves generally better in winter? Dylan, here’s the short answer: Winds make waves, weather makes winds, winter makes weather. Now here is the long answer: Even though we can’t feel it, the Earth is in constant motion. Our planet is always turning and it’s always circling … Read More

Surfing Superstar!

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Hola Friends, I am really excited to be writing the very first blog for the new Surf Coaches membership site. This online resource is a collective collaboration, brought to you by : Chris Mo’e, Brent Newell and myself. We all work together at Shaka Surf Camp in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Mo’e is one of the owners and a surf … Read More

Learning To Surf In Your 30s & 40s – Is It Too Late?

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The enjoyment and healthy benefits of learning how to surf in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond. Many think surfing is a young persons sport which should only be attempted by youthful, athletic and nimble individuals. Some people even believe that just because they are in their 30’s, 40’s or later … Read More

Most Common Surfboard Shapes Guide

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Surfboard Shapes & sizes

Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too many to go over in one article or video. There are however a few standard shapes that can be found at just about any surfing beach.  For the most part the type of surfboard that someone surfs is usually first determined by their level of surfing, then determined by their … Read More

The (not so) Long Road Home

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Road Home Image by David Hetre

One Helluva Trip! Three months in tropical paradise!  Fresh fruit and coffee every morning, followed by 3-4 hours of lessons and free surfing, only to return to an amazing local style breakfast!  Then maybe yoga, or most of the times a nap, a walk to the store for a snack, then afternoon surf time.  Dinner, beers, pass out in hammock, … Read More

Surf Grom Tip of the Day

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This is Atua’s first video appearance on our Surf Coaches YouTube channel. Atua gives his favorite surfing tip of the day. He is one of our Team Shaka Grommets. Expect to see many more Video appearances and surfing tips from Atua as he develops as an up and coming surfer in Costa Rica.   Follow Atua and the rest of … Read More

KTCZ 005: Pat Foss Gets Out of his Comfort Zone for us!

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Killing the Comfort Zone Podcast Banner

In episode 5 of Killing the Comfort Zone, we contrast our last interview with Mike, a 28 year old who just made a huge life change, with an interview with Pat Foss, a man in his 50’s ready to get out of his Comfort Zone! Links: Contact us Surf Coaches Shaka Beach Retreat Sol A Luna Yoga In this episode, … Read More