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Along with Our iSURFTRIBE Community, we founded Surf Coaches to help people everywhere improve their surfing… while also having more FUN..

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Here's What Our Students Have To Say...

First of all, thank you for your amazing videos. Second, I’ve seen your techniques work for a lot of people, and since I started doing them I catch way more waves.

Pablo Latapi

Hey Guys, I’ve been surfing for almost 2 years now. I just want to say I like your vids sooo much, they’re like the best surf tutorials I’ve ever seen.


Thank you very much for the good explanations! I love how you show us how to train these skills out of the water as well! I now feel I always have new things to practice for the next surf session!.


I’ve recently gotten back into surfing after a long hiatus, and your videos have been a fantastic resource as I get back into the swing of things. Thanks!


The Truth

This is the kind of training we wish was available when we started!
You see… without proper instruction you’re likely to progress VERY slowly.
It’s often said that “Practice Makes Perfect.” But that’s wrong. More accurately, “PERFECT Practice MAKES Perfect.”
If you don’t get the fundamentals down, you’ll just get real good at doing things THE WRONG WAY.
#1 Online Surf Training Resource

Our tutorials are thorough, in-depth, and easy to grasp.

They're also UNIQUE because we utilize several different styles of video.

Classroom "whiteboard" instruction

In-depth surfing theory, proper body alignment,technique, and mechanics

Dry land simulations

Out of water sequences & drills so you can learn & improve anywhere any time

And, actual surfing footage

Real surfing footage broken down into bite size fundamentals and learned in stages

What Is
Surf Coaches.

Surf Coaches is a PRIVATE membership site that uses video-based tutorials to teach proper surfing fundamentals. “Surf Coaches” has helped THOUSANDS of beginners, intermediates, and people who are learning to surf for the very first time.

Right now, you’re missing out on all the FUN! So join us inside the private Surf Coaches member’s area… and learn to surf BETTER.

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