Surf Coaches Level 2 – The Building Blocks

This package contains a library of surfing training videos for surfers who want to polish their intermediate level maneuvers. It contains various surfing simulations and drills designed to improve various maneuvers from bottom turns to cutbacks.


Package Overview

All the videos on this package can be played on your browser or downloaded to you computer.

Surf Coaches Level 2


One Time Payment
  • Full Access to Surf Coaches Level 2 Video Library
  • Bonus Surfing essentials videos
  • Download feature enabled


Video lessons on this package

Surfing Knowledge

  • How to Read Surf Forecasts – Surfing Tutorials
  • Surfing Tutorial: The Benefits of Video Analysis
  • How To Get Great Grip On A SurfBoard – No More Slippery Wax
  • Matching Boards to Waves and Conditions
  • Common Fin Setups

Simulations and Drills

  • Indo Board Basics
  • Surf Balance Training – Using Our Indo Board
  • How to learn to surf using a skateboard
  • Backside Bottom Turn
  • How to do a Frontside Cutback
  • How to do a Backside Cutback

Surfing Techniques and Tips

  • How to Pop Up on a Shortboard
  • Intro to Nose Riding – The Cross Step
  • How to Improve Your Backside Surfing-Projecting Your View
  • Advanced Surfing Pop Up – The Angled Take-Off
  • How To Turn On A Surfboard
  • Advanced Paddling Techniques – Catch More Waves Kicking
  • How To Duck Dive A SurfBoard – Surf Lessons
  • Wiping Out Safely
  • Improving Speed Generation
  • The Duck Dive
  • Intro To Top Turns
  • Bottom Turning Technique
  • Refining Your Stance
  • Adjustable Stance – Moving Your Feet
  • How to Surf with Sunglasses

Bonus Content

  • The Perfect Surfing Warm Up
  • Surfing Tutorial: How to use a Pickle!
  • Wet Wetsuit Trick – Surfing Tips

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