Our Surfing Video Training Packages

For years, it was thought that you had to be ‘born’ with surfing talent. But that’s simply not true.

At Surf Coaches, we can help virtually ANYONE learn to surf better — even if you’re a complete beginner.

Our online training videos (and other resources) will flatten your learning curve, accelerate your progress, and teach you about every aspect of surfing.

Best of all… for less than the price of a SINGLE private surf lesson, you can join Surf Coaches and get an ENTIRE YEAR of expert instruction…


Surf Coaches Level 1 – The Foundation

The Surf Coaches Level 1 package is a series of surf training videos designed for beginner surfers and those who want to learn the core fundamentals of surfing. Topics included on this package include surf equipment basics, fundamental knowledge and basic surfing techniques.

Surf Coaches Level 2 – The Building Blocks

he Surf Coaches Level 2 package is a series of surf training videos for surfers who are serious on improving their surfing skills. This package focuses on polishing various intermediate maneuvers through in-depth video training, surfing simulations and exercises.


Surf Coaches Level 3 – Pushing Your Limit

The Surf Coaches Level 3 package is a series of surf training videos that focuses on pro level techniques and maneuvers. This is designed for surfers who have made surfing a lifestyle especially those who would love to participate in surfing competitions.

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