How To Paddle A Surfboard Better

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Paddling tutorial

Here at Shaka Surf Camp we deal with complete beginners every week. Guess what skill or part of surfing is the most challenging for brand new surfers? Yep, Paddling. Surprisingly it doesn’t occur to the majority of first time surfers arriving for their one week learn to surf vacation. Almost no-one thinks to prepare. Just a little physical preparation will … Read More

How to do a cutback like a pro surfer

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Moe cutting back

The cutback is one of surfing’s most elusive maneuvers for progressing surfers. When i say cutback i don’t just mean turning back towards the whitewater, I mean getting fully on rail, wrapping all the way around compressed then extending &  hitting high on the on-coming whitewater or lip and rebounding with speed and flow. A properly performed cutback rebound is … Read More