How Surf Competition Judgeing Works

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Competitive surfing is a subjective sport. Similar to some other sports such as, Body building, Ice skating or diving, surfing competition winners are determined by a panel of human judges. Change out judges and you could have an entirely different result on any given day. Surf Contest Judgeing Criteria How does it work? There is a standard or criteria that … Read More

Learn To Surf Videos

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Learn to surf videos guide

Learning to surf the right way We created this learn to surf video in order to help our new Youtube subscribers. Use it as a guide to decide what videos to watch in the best order. Brand new surfers looking for a beginner specific guide with free instructional videos, this is for you. Make sure to watch the video all … Read More

local Surf Contest with Team Shaka

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This past week April 16-17 Team Shaka’s Atua & Ki’ili took 1st in their division. This is one of our favorite local events that we do every year. It has been a busy busy high season full of surf camps, surf contests & filming videos for Surf Coaches and our youtube channel. Local Surf Contest Mal Pais Cost Rica. Thanks … Read More

How to Surf with Sunglasses!

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How to Surf with Sunglasses!

Surf Coach Mo’e shows us a great technique for surfing with your sunglasses! A great technique for surf instructors, surfers, or anyone who spends lots of time in the ocean & sun! If you spend a lot of time at the beach and in the ocean doing water sports protecting your only set of eyes is a necessity….

Surf Coaches Surf Team Tour Update

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Shaka Surf Team - Surf Coaches

Alright, so we got back from our first surf contest of the season. You can watch the videos we made below. IT was a lot of fun and our first time visiting Bejuco beach about 30 minutes south of Jaco. There was a nice little swell during the event making for some fun ripp-able waves. We will be following the … Read More

Adaptive Surf Coaching for Spine Injuries

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I just wanted to share a video from this past week of some adaptive surf coaching we did. Brent and I help faciliate & coach 4-5 full weeks of adaptive surfing along with OHG(Ocean healing Group) every year here at Shaka Surf Camp. This past week we had the pleasure of working with a really cool dude named Corey. One … Read More

How to do a cutback like a pro surfer

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Moe cutting back

The cutback is one of surfing’s most elusive maneuvers for progressing surfers. When i say cutback i don’t just mean turning back towards the whitewater, I mean getting fully on rail, wrapping all the way around compressed then extending &  hitting high on the on-coming whitewater or lip and rebounding with speed and flow. A properly performed cutback rebound is … Read More