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What’s Inside Your Total Access Surf Training Video Package:

In-depth surf training for  beginner and intermediate surfers

 Watch or Download Feature

Start watching your surf training videos or download them to your computer.

 Whiteboard Instructions 

Thorough explanation of surfing concepts and techniques.


 Dry Land Simulations

Awesome simulations and exercises to improve your fundamental skills before you hit the waves.

 Expert Tips

Get top notch tips from our Surf Coaches with years of experience.

 Uniquely Designed Videos

Easy to understand and follow videos designed to get your started right away.

 Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate Surfers

Videos are created to help people who are just starting out with surfing and those who need to polish their techniques.

Plus you also get our newest BONUS content which includes:

 Bonus #1 – Discount on Accessories

Get huge discounts on various surfing gear online.

 Bonus #2 – Surf Notes

Exclusive access to surf training content.

 Bonus #3 – Surfing Forum

Get in touch with fellow surfers.

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Individual Training Packages Also Available:


 The Foundation

This is for beginner surfers and those who want to learn the core fundamentals of surfing. Topics included on this package include surf equipment basics, fundamental knowledge and basic surfing techniques. Click here for more info.


 The Building Blocks

This is for surfers who are serious on improving their surfing skills. This package focuses on polishing various intermediate maneuvers through in-depth video training, surfing simulations and exercises. Click here for more info.


 Pushing Your Limit

This focuses on pro level techniques and maneuvers. This is designed for surfers who have made surfing a lifestyle especially those who would love to participate in surfing competitions. Click here for more info.

Introducing Your Surf Coaches

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Hi, we’re Surf Coaches Chris Mo’e and Brent Newell, and we’re here to help you improve your surf skills while having some fun.

We founded Surf Coaches in 2012 so beginner and intermediate surfers could enjoy professional-quality training online.

Our quick-tips Youtube channel has over 25,000 subscribers, and we offer comprehensive coaching in our members’ program.

We’re both experienced ISA Surf Coach Certified instructors, and love creating new training videos for our awesome global community, direct from our surf camp here in Costa Rica.

Now we’re looking forward to helping you boost YOUR skills!

Comments from our kick-ass community

“Thank you very much for the good explanations! I love how you show us how to train these skills out of the water as well! I now feel I always have new things to practice for the next surf session!” – Ahandriel

“Hey Guys, I’ve been surfing for almost 2 years now. I just want to say I like your vids sooo much, they’re like the best surf tutorials I’ve ever seen.” – Lukas

“First of all, thank you for your amazing videos. Second, I’ve seen your techniques work for a lot of people, and since I started doing them I catch way more waves.” – Pablo Latapi

What You’ll Get With Our Total Access Package

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