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Megan Panchinin, Solaluna Yoga Learning to surf in my thirties is one of the most humbling and rewarding things I have ever done. I never would have pulled it off without the guidance of Brent & Mo’e from Surf Coaches. Forever a student.
Cheyne Boothe, Splitbreed Studio My speed and backside surfing has improved by leaps after fixing my stance. Got my first backside barrel after just a month of practicing some of the Surf Coaches simulation exercises. I am so amped! Thanks guys.
CJ Heitmann, San Diego, California The way Surf Coaches breaks down everything really improved my surfing & confidence in head high plus range surf! Keep up the great vids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surf Coaches?

Surf Coaches is your leading online exclusive membership to improve your surfing. Our online surf coaching methods promote sound fundamentals, critical analysis, video analysis, experimentation, targeted practice, and expert feedback.

How much will this cost?

You can sign up for weekly surfing tips & subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel completely free. However, if you are serious about improving your surfing you can join our exclusive community and gain access to our ever growing surf training components for a very reasonable annual fee.

What if I am just starting to surf?

We love newbies too. The Surf Coaches membership has sections covering the absolute beginner to the advancing expert. Surf Coach members also range from just started surfing, to competitive surfers and everything in between.

Can I Join with Paypal?

Yes, we recommend Paypal as a safe online payment solution for joining our membership.

Why did you start the Surf Coaches?

First because we love to teach. As life long surfers & instructors, we realized there was not a lot of support or options for people looking to improve their surfing. For years it was thought you had to be born with the talent.  We wanted a place online where anyone from anywhere could have access to the best tools and information.

Can I  learn to surf online?

The purpose of Surf Coaches is not to replace a surf instructor or coach. Our goal is to provide an online resource/community dedicated to one simple concept, how to improve your surfing the fastest.

Do you offer private instruction & coaching?

Sure, if you want to learn to surf or progress as an intermediate you can come stay at Shaka Surf Camp in Costa Rica.  Intermediate to advanced can contact us for privates. Also, if you sign up for our email updates we will announce upcoming live events.

What benefits do I get as a Surf Coaches member?

As a Surf Coaches member you will have access to our exclusive videos archive, worksheets, private blog, member share vault, and private member forum where you can ask questions, follow case studies, and get video feedback.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you