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Our training is PERFECT for beginners... and even intermediate surfers.

Furthermore, our video-based tutorials are UNIQUE. That's because we utilize several different styles of video.

These include:

  • Classroom "whiteboard" instruction
  • Dry land simulations
  • And, actual surfing footage

Our methods REALLY WORK!

As a result, our students have given us nothing but positive feedback on the quality of our instruction and how we deliver the information.

In a nutshell... our video-based training is a GREAT way to learn. It lets you see how it's done -- while your instructor explains every detail -- and then REPLAY it as many times as necessary until you get the move down.

The thing is...

Surfing is a challenging sport.

If you're frustrated by your SLOW progress, in most cases it's just a lack of PROPER INSTRUCTION.

And that's were we can help!

Here's What You'll Learn... In Your Free 5 Day Course

Day #1: Improve Your Pop-Up

  • A detailed explanation of one and two-step pop-up techniques.
  • How to avoid common errors such as poor hand and head placement.

Day #2: Improve Your Stance

  • The secrets to proper chin, shoulder, and hip alignment.
  • How to remain fluid & flexible.
  • Exactly how (and where) to position yourself on the board.
  • Understanding proper foot position, arm position & stance.

Day #3: Improve Your Paddling

  • The best way to align your body to the board.
  • How to protect your shoulders from injury.
  • The secrets to paddling smoothly & efficiently.
  • A method for finding the proper length & depth for your paddling.
  • How video analysis can effortlessly help improve your paddling.

Day #4: Improve Your Speed Generation

  • How to master the takeoff.
  • Why proper weight distribution is important when trimming & carving.
  • The keys to using the face of a wave.
  • How to compress & decompress to generate speed.

Day #5: How To Track Your Progress

  • A simple way to keep track of your surfing progress, while you're on the water.
  • A summary of what you've learned during the course.
  • The keys to using the face of a wave.
  • How to compress & decompress to generate speed.

Remember: All 5 videos are yours FREE. There is absolutely no cost or obligation.

My speed and backside surfing has improved by leaps after fixing my stance. Got my first backside barrel after just a month of practicing some of the Surf Coaches simulation exercises. I am so amped! Thanks guys.

Cheyne Boothe, Splitbreed Studio

The way Surf Coaches breaks down everything really improved my surfing & confidence in head high plus range surf! Keep up the great vids.

CJ Heitmann, San Diego, California


Surf Coaches is a PRIVATE membership site that uses video-based tutorials to teach proper surfing fundamentals. Founders Chris Mo’e & Brent Newell have helped THOUSANDS of beginners, intermediates, and people who are learning to surf for the very first time.

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